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Foods that are most eating across Nigeria (Nigerian Foods for Good Health)

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Hi! Everyone. Welcome to our blog today i will be sharing most of foods that Nigerians eat and like the most with you. This foods are also healthy for the body as they are been prepared.

As we all know Food is one of the most important thing in human life. To grow, for health and also to gain energy after feeling hungry or exhausted. Nigeria produced so many food crops for its country, infact Agriculture is one of the Nigeria natural wealth resource.

There are lots of ethnic groups in Nigeria, So each ethnic group has a specific type of food they produce, eat the most and made as their favorite. Follow up to the post below as we continue.

Here are 4 most foods eating across Nigeria

1. Jellof Rice

This is the famous Nigerian Jollof Rice. Jollof Rice is a rice cooked together with its ingredient all together at the same cooking post. It is eating by all Nigerians, it is a favorite food to every Nigerian as far as food is concerned. Jollof Rice is most served food in a Nigerian party of any type of occasions.

2. White Rice and Beans

The White Rice and Beans is combination of Rice and Beans which are cooked together as a meal. This meal is also liked by most Nigerians as their favorite food. It is mostly served at homes as a family meal.

3. Pounded Yam

The Pounded Yam meal is one of Nigerian’s favorite dish, almost every Nigerian love it. The food is a boiled Yam been pounded and smashed to form the Pounded Yam. The Pounded Yam are mostly made by the Gwari people.

4. Fufu

The Fufu meal is similar to Pounded Yam. Fufu is a pounded and smashed cassava flakes. It is a traditional meal mostly eating by the Southern Nigerians (Igbos). It is the favorite food the Igbo tribes in Nigeria.

These are the four (4) most popular meals served in the Country Nigeria. Keep up to our blog. There is next post coming for other foods eating in Nigeria.

Kindly share your thoughts with us using the comment box below.

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