Amazing places you can visit for fun in Minna, Niger State

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If you are planning to visit Minna, a city in Niger State, Nigeria then stick to this post as we will show you three (3) wonderful places to visit for your vacation or excursion.

Minna is the capital city of Niger state in Middle Belt Nigeria. The state is made up of two ethnic groups: Nupe and Gwari (Gbagi). Minna is not that popular like other cities in Nigeria but the small it is the amazing places it got.

Minna is a smaller to be compared to the large cities in Nigeria but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this particular town.

1. Murtala Park

Murtala Park is an Amusement park in Minna city. It is filled with exciting and special objects for visitors to enjoy. With its green and natural environment. It is enjoyable playground with activities like swings, roller coaster and many more.

2. Gurara Waterfall

Gurara waterfall is yet another impressive destination in Minna that attracts tourists. It was discovered in 1745 and named after 2 gods Gura and rara. it again was discovered by Europeans in 1925 and they turned the place into a touristic sight.

It has a high waterfalls in the raining season and lower waterfall during the dry season, it is a beautiful place to visit and have fun.

3. Minna Golf Club

Minna Golf Club is an extraordinary ground to play golf simply for fun or practice and tournament. It has great facilities you could enjoy when you visit.

With this three (3) wonderful places in Minna we’ve enlighten above, we hope this help your vacation and tourism activities.

Kindly share your experience with us below as it may help our future posts as well as everyone visiting this blog.

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