Do You Know The Difference Between A Person In Coma And A Dead Person?

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There are two medical concepts that are often used wrongly. Some people don’t know the meaning of coma and can’t really differentiate between death and coma, so for the purpose of enlightenment, we are going to have a look at what it means for a person to be in coma and what it means for a person to be dead.

As we all know, people fall into a coma easily and sometimes they get back into the conscious state while some die from comatose. But have you ever asked yourself, the difference between these two concepts? I bet you haven’t, so keep reading this article till the end to acquire the knowledge you came for.

What Does It Mean When A Person is In Comatose?

When a person is in Coma.

Do You Know The Difference Between A Person In Coma And A Dead Person?

The person is not dead or even regarded as Brain dead, instead such a person is in a state of profound unresponsiveness mostly as a result of injury or an extreme illness.

Patients who are in a comatose do not even shake or respond to any happening in an external environment and they can’t be awaken by any level of noise or sound in the environment.

But generally, the brain is still alive and such a person either gets back to normal as in consciousness after some days or dies or still falls into a vegetative state.

People who are in a coma most times do not need ventilators or machines for sustenance, they breathe normally but the nervous system has failed and as such, the brain is alive but cannot control the body.

On the other hand, (When a person is Dead).

Do You Know The Difference Between A Person In Coma And A Dead Person?

A person is said to be dead or brain dead when the brain activities ceases. Sometimes people in comatose advance to brain death i.e. total death without revival. This was known as clinical death before but it has been changed to brain death in recent times.

When a person totally loses brain function and as such, once the ventilators and life sustaining machines are taking off, he or she totally grows cold, the person is said to have entered the brain death stage.

Note: This is a stage of no return, once a person’s brain cells die, it is irreversible, there are no chances of survival. Such a person is gone forever.

While the term Vegetative state means, the person consciousness has been depressed, brain stem function no longer working and the person can still breathe without support.

Do You Know The Difference Between A Person In Coma And A Dead Person?

A person in vegetative state can still poop, respond to loud sounds or pain, go through sleep-wake cycles but still can’t regain consciousness.

If a person remains in vegetative state for more than a year, the person is automatically regarded as someone that can’t recover again with very little chances of recovery.



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