Benefits of facebook artiste page

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I’m composing this article to urge musical artists, actors and actresses to utilize facebook page and partake in its advantages to help their precious career.

Most artistes forgets the artiste page and uses normal facebook profile. Pages, as they are, are meant to reach out the world by way of gaining fans and engaging all of them in your artiste page through viral media and communication.

So right away, below are a seven list of benefits to utilize an artist page on Facebook:

  1. While profiles can only be accessed through friend requests, anyone on Facebook has the ability to “like” or “follow” your page.
  2. Artist pages are indexed in search engines, making it so anyone on the Internet can search and view your page, even non-Facebook users.
  3. While a profile only has a limited number of tools (wall, photos, videos, etc.), pages are much more customizable with the ability to download or create different applications.
  4. Pages can have multiple administrators, giving your band the ability to contribute equally to the creation and maintenance of the page.
  5. When fans interact on your page (in the form of writing on the wall or “liking” something), that action is documented on their personal profiles’ news feed. Thus, allowing anyone they are friends with to see their interaction with your page.
  6. With a minimum of 10 fans, you’ll have the ability to track and measure the traffic on your page.
  7. On your page, you have the ability to mass message all of your fans, who then have the option of forwarding your message or posting it on their own wall.

I accept with this points you are persuaded why facebook page is significant for you as a singer.

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