How to create a new YouTube channel and how to upload your original videos

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Majority of you has been asking us how to create an effective YouTube channel and uploading your videos.

This is a complete guide for you to do that, At the end of this steps you should now know how to get your YouTube channel without any problem.

YouTube is the second biggest web index close to Google. Many people transfer over 100 hours of video each moment to YouTube. It’s perhaps the most ideal approaches to convey to a wide audience, regardless of whether you’re advancing projects or giving data to understudies. Here are a couple of reasons why YouTube is extraordinary.

With YouTube you can monetize and make money from your unique video contents. see how to start below.

  1. Get your verified Gmail account.
  2. Login in to YouTube official website |
  3. After the page has been loaded successfully, click on “Sign Up” bottom on the top right corner.
  4. Use your Gmail account to sign up.
  5. Once the sign up is successful. Congratulation! You just got your YouTube Channel. That’s so explicit!!

Now here is how to upload your original video to your new channel

Since you’ve figure out how to make a YouTube channel from above guide. The following thing is the manner by which to upload your unique video to your channel. Follow the aide underneath.

  1. Login in to your channel.
  2. Click on the camera icon at the top right corner.
  3. Drag the video you want to upload and drop on the page, wait for the video upload 100%
  4. Edit the title and the description of the video and click on save.

Pleasant move! Now start to grow your YouTube channel.

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