How to limit background data of your computer in windows 10

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Steps to restrict or limit background data of your PC in windows 10

I’am Foghi by moniker, a professional content creator at FestNG. Numerous individuals discover it so difficult to confine background data of their PC subsequent to encountering huge measure of data charges.

Of course, your PC is permitted to run background data to run updates on features and protections.

By limiting the background data of your PC, No application or updates is longer permitted to utilize data in the background.

In this way, absent a lot of words lets get into the means underneath for Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

  1. In your computer’s desktop screen, right click on the “start” menu or simple tab on “start” key on the keybord.
  2. Find and click on “Settings“.
  3. Now click “Network & Internet
  4. On the screen there click on “Data usage
  5. You will see the network you are using under “over view” click on it
  6. There, you can set data limit of your choice and tick on Always.
How to limit background data of your computer in windows 10
Windows 10 data usage screen

Simply, You can also turn on Metered connection of the network you are using. Delay or off the windows update to assist with diminishing data charges.

That is so basic right? we trust this instructional exercise assist you with tackling your concern.

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