Brief history about Nigeria as a country (Culture and Diversity)

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Welcome to FestNG! We are proud to present this prestigious blog that will be focusing on letting us all learn about Nigeria and its country men and women, culture and lifestyle.

Nigeria as a country consist of 36 states govern by the Governors, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) “Abuja” rule by the president. Nigeria is located in West Africa and it is slogan as “The giant of Africa”. Nigeria is the largest population and the wealthiest country in Africa.

Nigeria is grouped by 3 regions known as the North (Arewa), South and West. The North is are considered as hausa people, South as Igbo people and West as Yoruba people. Though Nigeria has over 520 languages spoken. The three major languages and three major ethnic groups in Nigeria are: Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, they has the most population among Nigerian states.

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the head of state and head of government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The president of Nigeria is also the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The president is elected in national elections which take place every four years. The offices, powers, and titles of the head of state and the head of government were officially merged into the office of the presidency under the 1979 Constitution of Nigeria.

Nigeria has eight (8) game reserves across the nation, which citizens visits for excursion and as well as foreigners. This games reserve are mentioned below:

Brief history about Nigeria as a country (Culture and Diversity)
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  • Yankari Game Reserve – Located in Kano State.
  • Borgu Game Reserve – Located in Niger State.
  • Falgore Game Reserve – Located in Southern Kano State.
  • Ohosu Game Reserve – In Nigeria
  • Kashimbila Game Reserve – In Nigeria
  • Zugurma Game Reserve – Located in Niger State
  • Chad Basin National Park – Located in the north-east of Nigeria
  • Old Oyo National Park – Located in Oyo State.

This are some basic things about Nigeria. As time goes on. We will publish more articles concerning Nigeria. Exploring Nigeria.

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