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43 Nigerian common restaurant vocabulary

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There are some common phrasings and vocabulary related with restaurants. Aside from the way that it is more right than wrong to know them, it is likewise cool when you use them in the right setting. A portion of these restaurant vocabularies are famous while some are not known to all. I will uncover some cool restaurant vocabulary that you can utilize the following time you visit a restaurant. If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and use them anytime. To many individuals, it may seem like another language. In any case, to the master, these are simply not simply a few languages. Hence, you should know their implications.

Below are the 43 list of Nigerian common restaurant vocabularies

  1. à la carte
  2. 86
  3. Walk-in
  4. Front Of House
  5. Back of House
  6. Walk-inAl Fresco
  7. Appetizer
  8. Bartender
  9. Chef
  10. Nuke it
  11. Virgin
  12. Upselling
  13. Runner
  14. Corkage
  15. VIP
  16. Waitlist
  17. Eat-in
  18. VIP Area
  19. MenuTake out
  20. Hot Chocolate
  21. Beverage
  22. Tip
  23. OrderHost/Hostess
  24. Point of Sale (POS)Waiter/Waitress
  25. Buffet
  26. Cutlery
  27. Mixologist
  28. Main Course
  29. Starter
  30. Table Reservation
  31. Course
  32. Side Dishes
  33. BillCafeteria/Cafe
  34. Fastfood
  35. Reservation
  36. Canteen
  37. Specials
  38. Restaurant
  39. Service Charge
  40. Espresso
  41. Bistro
  42. Dessert
  43. Gourmet
43 Nigerian common restaurant vocabulary
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These are words you should know whether you are looking for a profession in the food business. At the end of the day, If you own or work in a restaurant, this will extend you as an expert. Maybe in case you are a successive guest to restaurants, you ought to get to know these terms as well.

In the meantime, We will be writing their meanings in a new separate article as time goes on.

I hope you learnt new things today, kindly share your thoughts with us below.

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