ABSUTH workers will end their work indefinitely (See Why)

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Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba’s Joint Action Committee (JAC) has terminated the operation of medical institutions.

The proceedings were issued by JAC through a letter dated October 20 to the Government of Avia, following the expiration of a government-approved warning strike.

Mr. JAC President Samuel Kalu said in Awa on Wednesday that workers organized at ABSUTH had decided to strike because the government was not responding to the union’s demands.

The letter provided to NAN was signed by a representative of the union. The unions are the Resident Medical Association (ARD), the Nigerian Health Care Workers Union (MHWUN), the Nigerian Nurses and Midwives Association (NANNM), the Senior Staff Association of the University Teaching Hospital Institute, and related organizations (SSAUTHRIAI).

The letter specifically states: By default. 22 months late payment.

“This was announced to the Government by a previous notice, in particular the notice of April 15, 2021, and the subsequent suspension of April 16, 2021.

“Similarly, I would like to inform the government that ABSUTH pensioners have not received cents in the last seven years and are not allowed to continue.

“As a result, JAC has given the government an ultimatum for seven days to deal with these complaints or to face an indefinite strike starting at midnight on Thursday. Insist on our request on February 28, 2021. ”

Kal told NAN that the union could no longer tolerate the treatment of them by the state government.

“I was hoping that the Avia government would change its mind and follow the previous agreement signed to pay steadily and in stages, so I’m waiting to announce this.

“But the state government was still strong and refused its promise.

“We’ve been waiting for weekends and staying home in the southeast. It’s official that ABSUTH workers have resumed an indefinite strike because the government didn’t respond as expected.

“If we consider the five-month delinquency, we’ll come back considering patients who need hospital service, but otherwise the strike will continue,” he said.

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