Disadvantages of Computer (computer crime).

Computer crime is escalating rapidly. Government have had their shot of computer crimes. Banks have had millions of naira stolen by thieves breaking into bank computers access code and transferring money to robber’s account. Money is not the only factor in computer crime, below are a few more of the negative sides of the computer.

  • Unemployment – as any other technology, it could lead to unemployment. Currently, banks are laying off as a result of their computerisation process. However, this need not to be the case, what happened in the development economies was that new job opportunities were created, and refining as well as shift in employment pattern took place.
  • Threat to Privacy – computerisation of records (especially with networking) is also a threat to privacy as such records could be accessed (legally or otherwise) by many people.
  • Misuse of Computer – computer is a tool and like any other tools it can be used or misused. Misused of the computer include using it for fraud as well as using it to cause harm such as creating and distributing viruses that cause so much damages by attacking other people’s programs and data.


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