Computer Application Areas in Education, Communication and Government Respectively.

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Computers in Education – computers are being used as a resource in teaching and learning at all levels of education. Micro-computers are used by students in secondary schools. Pupils of primary schools levels are being introduced to computers. Higher educations with its research activities are supported by the computer.

Computers in Communication – A computer is not only used on it’s own (i.e as standalone) it can also be connected to other computers to form a network of computer. This allows the computer users to access data in many computers. Local Area Network (LAN) involves connecting all the computers in an organisation so as to share data etc. Canbles are mainly used for this network.

Wide Area Network (WAN) involves connecting computers that are far apart using telephone lines, radio wave, satellite, etc. The largest and most popular WAN is the internet which stand for international network of computers.

The area of communications is one of those where computer has brought about profound change. In the words of experts, the world has been turned into a “global village” as a result of communication. Meaning that you can access anyone, anywhere and anytime. The manifestation of this technology include satellite communication, worldwide computer networking (through electronic mail, popularly called E-mail, the internet, worldwide web “WWW”, etc.) fax messages and so on.

Computers in Government – the government departments uses computer for storing information about workers, calculating their salaries, etc. Many government offices also use computers to speed up their work. In the United States for instance the social security department keeps records of who is to receive medicare and social security payments. The general services department which is responsible for the upkeep of government buildings, has extensive inventory lists, the census Bureau use of computers for record keeping data analysis population forecast, etc. Thw department of transportation in fact nearly all governmental agencies use computers for various tasks.

In fact, government uses computers to prepare the census, control the spread of disease, project whatever trends, survey crops and soil conditions, collect taxes and operate business of government.



Aminu B Yusuf, Editor in Chief at HausaDrop.Com

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