How Data is Processing Into an Information.

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Data >>>> Data processing >>>> Information

Some wways to process data into information includes:

  1. Calculating – In calculating, data is processed by performing arithmetic manipulating such as adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying, etc.
  2. Sorting – In sorting data is processed by arranging them into a predetermined order or sequence. For example, a class roster may be arranged in the order of students’ name (alphabetical order) or in the order of students’ numbers (numerical order). Sorting is usually arranged to range from the smaller or lower values to bigger or higher values (ascending order) respectively. However it is sometimes necessary to arrange things the other way round, that is, In descending order of data values.
  3. Summarizing – This is a process of processing data whose purpose is to highlight or condense certain information so as to draw it more easily or quickly to the attention of the person who will use the information. For example, the contents of a long report may be summarised into a few short paragraphs.
  4. Classifying – This is a process of identifying certain characteristics in an item of data and putting them into a certain category according to those characteristics. Items of data with the same characteristics can be grouped together. For example, you can classify passengers on a train by:
  • Age (children, youth, adults, senior citizens, etc.)
  • Gender (male, female, etc.)
  • Height (short, tall, average, etc.)

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Aminu B Yusuf, Editor in Chief at HausaDrop.Com

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