How to create and upload Disavow file on Google search console

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Hey folks, Welcome to FestNG. On the today’s episode of tutorials, we will glance through some essential way on the most proficient method to generate a Google Disavow tool.

If you are an exacting blogger, making a decent attempt to rank higher on Google query item. Then, at that point the work is left for you to deal with.

“What is Google’s Disavow Links Tool”

Google’s Disavow Links Tool allows you to advise Google to overlook explicit backlinks for positioning purposes.

Such as rel=”canonical” tag, a disavow file is a “strong recommendation rather than a directive.”

The innovative process is simple: You give a text file containing the linking pages or domains that you want to disavow via Google Search Console (GSC).

How to create and upload Disavow file on Google search console

Check out the following steps to create and upload Google Disavow Links

  1. Create a .txt file and name it whatsoever you want. As for me i will name it disavow.txt for easy to remember.
  2. Head to any SEO website such as Smrush, MOZ or Ahrefs and type in your domain URL to view your backlink profile.
  3. Copy all links that you think its toxic or harmful to your domain and paste it on the .txt file you created earlier and save it. (Be careful not to copy along with a good backlink. It might destroy your ranking on google)
  4. After pasting, head to google search console and then search and click on disavow link, on the next page you will see where to import your disavow file you created earlier. Import and click on save.

That is it, you’ve effectively repudiate those poisonous connections preventing your site from ranking. In the event that you do it right, I bet you, you will begin to see traffic inflow and that is simply it, your area has returned to live once more.

We trust you partook in our instructional exercise for now, good luck.

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