Tested & And Confirmed Get free 1GB Data from Etisalat 2017 (screenshots)

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Tested & Confirmed: How To Get Free 1GB Data From Etisalat 2017 (Screenshots)

TGIF!!! Yesterday, I shared a post on how you can tweak and get Free 1GB of data from etisalat 2017 but I know that some doubting thomas that are still doubting if is real or not.

Well, if you are part of those still doubting whether the Free 1GB of data from etisalat 2017 is actually working or not then I think that the below screenshots should convince you.

Etisalat Free 1GB Data
Etisalat Free 1GB Data
Etisalat Free 1GB Data
Etisalat Free 1GB Data
Etisalat Free 1GB Data

The above screenshots is for some of the readers of this blog ( like @Dahood @Marvelous and others that already tweak and get theirs.

Well, if you are still doubting then I think you need to rethink cause the awoof is still blazing and hot and as you know, things like that don’t last forever. So, before they block it then you should have get yours activated.

Without much talk, let me quickly unveiled the requirements needed to get this free 1GB data from Etisalat.

Tools Needed:

  • IMEI Analyzer apk or use the web version here
  • MTK Engineering, Chamelephon or any known imei changer app

How To Get Free 1GB Data From Etisalat 2017

  • First of all, tweak this imei 359838075426668 or 352790086532793 (change last three digits) with IMEI analyser or tweak with the the web version here.
  • After you successfully tweaked valid imei then use MTK Engineering app or Chamelephon to change your device imei to the new valid imei you just tweak. Make sure you put your phone to Airplane mode or reboot it in other to make the changes applied.
  • Now that you successfully changed your device imei then go to your phone dialer and dial this PIN *8186*092840413028038# and send the code.
  • After some seconds, you will receive a congratulations message that you have been given free 1GB data valid for 1 month.

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