“Make dem no beg me o” – Man seizes Bank’s printer for owing him money over 2 months without Payment

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A video is currently making rounds on social media that captures the moment an angry Nigerian man forcefully clutched a printer belonging to a bank for owing him money over two months and never making any attempt to pay it back.

In the video, the man was spotted carrying the printer to the exit of the bank as he informs the workers at the hall that he would only return the printer if only the bank pays him back his money.

Some workers at the bank were also spotted pleading with the agitated man to desist from taking the printer home and calm down for the bank to reach an agreement with him on how the money would be refunded.

However, the gentleman refused as he vows to leave the hall with the printer but would stop only if the bank is ready to attend to him.

Watch the video below:

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