“Na home training u no get” – Reactions as Actress Dorcas Fapson says she doesn’t know how to say ‘sorry’ to men (Video)

Nollywood actress and a DJ, Dorcas Shola Fapson disclosed online that she doesn’t know how to say the word “sorry” to a man.

In the video, the actress reveals that she doesn’t know how to apologize and anytime she feels the need to apologize and use the word “sorry” for a man, the word doesn’t come out.

According to her, it’s like her tongue is heavy and something sitting on her tongue anytime she tried to use the word ‘sorry’ for a man while trying to apologize.

A man who seems to be one of her followers respond to her saying most women genetically doesn’t know how to say sorry and concluded that it’s seems to be a medical thing to the female gender.

Dorcas, while Responding to him said; ”I knew it.”

However, the video has generated several reactions from netizens while some blasts her for lacking home training and posses toxic behavior, others in their opinions said it’s people like her that says the word “sorry” while apologizing the most.

Watch the video below;

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