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Hello Kheengz, good to have you here.
What’s your full name bro? Am sure most of your fans don’t know that yet.
Yeah true lol..My full name is ‘KING BAWA.
Tell us about your background?
I was born in Zaria raised in Bida Niger state (I am Kadara). I have 5 siblings I am the third, Graduate of civil engineering (abu zaria).


As a child growing up, what did you want to become(ambition), before you fell in love with the mic?
Wanted being an architect but changed my mind and became a civil engineer ..cause I felt architecture would be boring lol.

What inspired the name “kheengz”?
My real name is KING. But lots of people don’t believe so they ask too many questions. So to stop them I added a ‘Z then I spelt it in a unique way #KHEENGZ.


MMS was and is still a blast, still getting airplays, what inspired that single? Dope song I must say.
The malo( hausa girls) in ABU Zaria inspired the song and my GF atm pushed me to doing it lol.
Hehe…  Tell us about your mix tapes After MMS?
Dropped college kid mix tape (ckmt ) in 2013, 20 tracks which featured M.I, snowflake, erigga etc. Then in 2015 I released another one VOICE OF AREWA (VOA ), 10 tracks.
What where the challenges, you faced?Getting to where you at now!
First it was school and after school it has been from funds to the conservative nature of the north to shuffling Lagos and the north.
PANDA- WHO YOU EPP, what brought about that mix to your single and even with a video. Dope video I must say. Thumbs up!
I always do something different. Plus fans were on my neck for my version of who you epp..But I didn’t want to do the cliché so I mixed it and flipped it and shot a video Asap.
You’re great with the Hausa lyrics, your deliveries are on point, the English too you do same. what’s your driving force?What pushes you, to do what you know how to do best?
I love rapping and I love experimenting and trying new stuff and That Was what led me to rapping in Hausa in the first place. I later did songs in ‘Nupe too and trust me they are huge lol.

Am a gamer! Are You?
Sure I love video games
Do you play FIFA?
Sure anytime any day bro lol.
Hehe that’s whatsup, Your fan base is mad, will you say your fans are showing you much love, that you so much deserve?
Yeah they are. I have been putting in work since day one and it has been a hell of a ride so far.

What dish, should we be expecting from kheengz soon?
My EP ( pedestal )  COMING soon, before the end of the year.
Any word of encouragement and advice to your fans?
Yeah! Sure I love my fans ( kheengmakers) as I call them and whatever they do they should give it their all, plus thanks a lot and keep supporting Your boy 🙏🙏

Yeah! For sure, we’re solidly behind you.
Lastly the trivia, what turns you off in a lady?

Lol when she talks a lot. I don’t like that.

Hehe! Abii.
Thank you kheengz for your time, hope to do this again.

Source: Dot Magazine

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