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Abdulhafiz Abdullahi, famously known as Feezy or Wonderwise, is a successful independent musical artist/producer. He was born on the 15th of September 1997 and brought up in Kaduna, Nigeria. He started his music career in the year 2012 with the Yaran North Side (YNS) group. A few years later, he released his first album titled “Feelings” in 2016 and his second album “Tune In” in 2018, which roamed the whole of Northern Nigeria (Arewa). Under the prestigious group.

Early Life

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Feezy was born in Kaduna state, Northern part of Nigeria where he attended his secondary school at Kaduna Capital School and he facilitated to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria and studied Computer science. He was inspired by Chris brown and Owl city.


Feezy released hit songs such as “An Fara Physics (ft. Geeboy & Wiz mo), Lies (Ft. Sagy & Mr Kebzee), Spy, Raina Ni, Toyfriend, Lolo, Yo Baby”. He was also featured in Yaran North Side hit singles such as “Su Baba Ne, Da So Samu Ne” which featured other label mates. He has used his experiences, talents and the Arewa way of life helped to nurture his Pop and Rap-infused R&B type sound.

Album: Feelings (2016) with 12 songs which include;

  1. Til’ I Die
  2. Your Love
  3. Feelings (feat. Jigsaw)
  4. Go To Him
  5. I’m With You Baby (feat. Zayn Africa & DJ AB)
  6. Ni Da Ke (feat. Geeboy & Mr Kebzee)
  7. Got You
  8. Breaking Up With You
  9. Make You Mine
  10. Be With You (feat. DJ AB)
  11. Broken Heart (feat. Lil Prince & Huzzie)
  12. Karki Damu

EP Album: Tune In (2017) with 10 songs which include;

  1. Kolo
  2. Babban Yaro
  3. Burning
  4. Chewing Gum (feat. DJ AB)
  5. I Want You By My Side (feat. Jayde)
  6. Ibiraga
  7. Jipp (feat. Geeboy & Lil Prince)
  8. Gimme Some More
  9. Cards (feat. Geeboy, Lil Prince & Mr Kebzee)
  10. Will You (feat. DJ AB & Sheggz)

Musical Performance

He performed at Kadamfest in December 2015 On the same platform with the likes of Yemi Alade, Ice prince, MI, 2Face and many more. He also performed with more Yaran North Side artists like Dj AB, Geeboy, Lil Prince, Mr Kebzee.


On the 16th of December 2018, MB entertainment presented a merit award to Feezy as “Best Pop Artist.” He also received an award for “Best music video of the year Toyfriend” in 2018 from Paki’s Collection and award for “Best Music Video Amana” from 1st ABU Annual Music Award.

Twitter; @feeiziey
Instagram; @feeiziey

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