“Love his energy” – Oyinbo boy takes lead in school as he dances Rema’s ‘calm down’ during mother’s day celebration, video trends (Watch)

A video of an oyinbo schoolboy dancing to ‘Calm Down’, at Mother’s day celebration in school has surfaced online and it is going viral on social media.

Nigerian afrobeat singer, Rema and American artiste, Selena Gomez’s song ‘Calm Down’ became one of the trendiest songs on social media. Since then, many have been sharing videos of them grooving to the song’s peppy beats.

In the video shared online on TikTok, a a group of young school kids gathered at a hall to commemorate Mother’s day.

As Rema’s calm down was played at the event, A young boy, dressed in uniform, stood up and started displaying his dance moves.

While the boy grooved energetically to the song, other kids quickly joined in and danced along with him trying to match his steps. Meanwhile, the audience applauded their enthusiasm.

The caption on the post read, “Do it big, do it right, and do it with style. Mother’s Day celebration.”

Social media users hailed the ‘Oyinbo’ boy for his courage and described him as a great leader.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

jm_lyric said, “And that’s how he became that one guy in class who every girl in the class has crush on😂”.

ms.szabat said, “Perfect example of transference of energy … the classmates nearest him got up and started dancing too 👏🏻. You can literally catch vibes. Good or bad!”

divine_ashu said, “he honna steal hearts when he grows up 💕”.

k.b.s.ram said, “I like how his friend from behind brought girls for him and cheering him by clapping 😂🔥”.

anonymous_frm_the_dark said, “U better show this to him when he’s 16 😭”.

tarabeans27 said, “Love how he brought that fun, positive energy to the other kids. He gets the party started”.

_.rafiaa said, “He knew that now he had to get up and do the calm down step at any cost😭💛 his body was fluttering already😫”.

mrs.dean_rahimi said, “The way he is taking initiative and all his mates following him. That’s called the leadership in true sense.”

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