“Gbas gbos” Nana and Jenni O f¡ghts Khosi and Miracle, here’s what happened (watch)

There was a lot of drama and Gbas gbos in Biggie’s house yesterday, the people involved were Khosi, Jenni O, Miracle and Nana.

According to Tsatsii, this is what happened. Khosi was playing cards in Sandton and Thabang decided to go talk to her.

Nana who already feels Thabang’s closeness to Khosi is why they have been up for nominations twice in a row, joked about his movement.

She called him insinuating he should leave a Khosi alone.

Apparently this was already not sitting well with Khosi who rushed down to confront Nana in a way Jenni O didn’t like.(According To her Khosi pulled Nana by her jacket).

Khosi confronted Nana and Jenni O came to Nana’s aid (because she’s tiny). Miracle rushes to the scene to protect his partner and boom.

Watch the video below :

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