Computer Application Areas In Health And Military ⚔ /Defence.

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Computers in health – computers are being used increasingly in hospital administration for such tasks as maintaining inventories of drugs, surgical equipment, for payrolls, for bed allocation and etc. Details of tests and clinical reports may be stored on a computer system. These combined information that can be used in the operating room.

Computers display data about the patients vital signs and sounds vital warnings of trouble (e.g any irregularity in the patient’s heart beat) alerting the medical team that problems are brewing. The computers can then suggest emergency treatment procedures. Computer helps to interpret laboratory tests. This is called computer aided diagnosis. Some other medical uses of computers are as follows:

  • To train doctors and other health personnel.
  • To speed processing of laboratory tests.
  • To provide immediate information to aid in diagnosis and treatment.
  • To study disease such as heart disease and cancer.

Computers in military / defence – in the military, computers are used for such task as detecting enemies aircraft and missiles, guiding aircraft and tank, controlling anti-ballistic missile system, planning field strategies, monitoring national defence posts and keeping track of human and other resources. Computers are also used in military for routine tasks such as maintaining personal files and other important information. Many aspects in the handling of nuclear energy would be impossible without computers.



Aminu B Yusuf, Editor in Chief at HausaDrop.Com

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