Olamide shares why he doesn’t react to Shatta Wale ranting

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Nigerian rapper/singer Olamide has shared why he is not reacting or bothering himself over what Shatta Wale said during his ranting as he believes his silence is a better answer.

Recently, Shatta Wale during his ranting called out Nigerian artists and most of them have reacted trying to show him love which he accused them of not reciprocating but Olamide and a few decided to keep their silence and just watch how things unfold.

A follower of Olamide gathered the courage to question him about his silence on the matter asking him whether it doesn’t concern him and Olamide replied saying telling someone how you feel does not hurt as much as saying nothing at all.

This reply of Olamide could mean that his silence on the matter might hurt Shatta Wale or the fact that Shatta Wale told them how he feels about them is better than he keeping silent because that might have hurt them.

Whatever the main reason behind this reply of Olamide, it’s clear he believes saying nothing on the matter is the best because nothing hurts as much as saying nothing and that is what he and some others have decided to do.

See screenshot below;

Olamide shares why he doesn't react to Shatta Wale ranting

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