I Never Knew We Were Rich Until I Was 13 – Davido in an interview (Watch Video)

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Singer, Davido speaks about life with his Parents while growing up.

Davido has opened up about his early stage life with his parents saying he never knew they were rich until the age of 13 when they moved into a new place and he decided to learn what his father does.

Davido in a recent interview disclosed that even though he was born in Atlanta, his parents brought him to live in Nigeria making him the only child out of 5 to be brought up in Nigeria because they wanted him to be there.

According to him, they lived a very modest life that he never knew they were that rich and he wasn’t really close to his father because he was always busy with his work which he never understood until the age of 13 when they moved to a different house.

Davido added that he only got to realize that they were really rich when they moved from where he was staying in Nigeria to a different place and the surprise on his face could just be imagined and that is when he decided to understand what his father does at the age of 13.

He also spoke about his musical journey while in school and how he had to hide from his father to record music until he got to know from others that he was into music breaking the family tradition of going to the university to do business and working with him or one of his rich friends.

Davido being brought up in a modest way and not knowing they were rich until he was 13yrs explains why he is able to mingle with others despite coming from a very wealthy family and even making his own money.

Watch The Interview Video below;

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