Buju Explains Why The EP “Sorry I’m Late” Sounds Different

Nigerian singer Buju TYE responded to criticisms about why his new EP loaded a half-tempo song that didn’t include a party. In response to criticisms of his project, Buju explained why party jams weren’t added to the Sorry I’m Late EP. He said this on Saturday, October 30, 2021 through his Twitter page.

Buju has released his long-awaited debut EP. I’m sorry I was late for Thursday. The reception was great and the project became number one on Apple Music almost instantly.

The project included seven songs, all of which were also ranked in the top 10 of Apple Music’s hit list.

However, a small percentage of fans felt the project was different because the singer did not add a party theme other than Kilometers.

Buju responded to this criticism with his new EP through his Twitter page.

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