Aloma DMW Reveals How He Was Offered Money To Incriminate Davido Of Killing Someone – Video

Singer Davido’s former PA Aloma DMW has revealed how he was offered money by some group of people to incriminate his former boss of the death of his friend Tagbo.

Aloma DMW in an interview revealed this secret that he has been keeping for a while now saying we should fear people in the industry as he recounts how he was pressured to lie against Davido and incriminate him in the death of his friend.

According to Aloma DMW, he was offered a blank check at the police station where he was sent to write any amount of money he wants on it but in return has to incriminate Davido in the death of his friend Tagbo while making his statements all over again.

Aloma DMW also stated that there was some big people in the industry that he prefers not to mention their names who were there waiting for him to incriminate Davido saying he’s now his former PA therefore he can say whatever he wants.

Aloma DMW’s revelation confirms Davido’s claims of being hated for no reason in the industry as it’s beyond imagination that someone would want to use a close pal to incriminate him in the death of his friend Tagbo.

Guess after seeing this video, Davido will appreciate Aloma DMW for not joining forces with his enemies to lie against him but was so loyal to him even when he sacked him from his crew at that particular moment.

Video below;

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