“There is no way she is eating this sh!t” – Actor Charles Okocha reprimands his house-help for serving his daughter fufu (video)

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Popular Nigerian actor, Charles Okocha, recently descended on his domestic staff for serving his daughter, Mercy, big wraps of fufu and soup.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Charles is seen warmly greeting his daughter, who was relaxing in the living room, when his house help brought a plate of soup and fufu for her.

The actor was taken aback by the large portion of fufu and questioned why the native food was in his house, considering his elite ‘Americana’ status.

In response, the house help explained that it was his daughter who had a craving for fufu and specifically requested it. He added that he simply fulfilling her request.

However, Charles was not convinced by his explanation and pounced on him for serving his daughter a local meal.

He also accused him of trying to traumatize her with such food choice and warned his daughter not to have such cravings again.

Watch the clip below.

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