Man kissing 12yr-Old female needy in a car by the roadside for 1 Cedi (video)

Reactions as a random man in a video showing a female street beggar doing the unimaginable for money on the streets.

In the video, the young girl reportedly 12 years old had walked up to a car by the roadside to beg for money and one of the persons in the car wanted to give her 1 cedi but on condition that she kisses him first.

Whilst the window glass was up, despite the hesitation, the lady agreed to meet his request and kissed him through the glass after which the young man gave her the once cedi.

Social media users have reacted differently to this and many of them have condemned the young man’s action for luring girl to do something which is not her will for money.

Watch video below;

See some reactions below;

@efomark; `This guy together with all the people in that car need to be arrested @drgeorgeakuffo . That was an abuse. Luring the small girl to do something under the influence of money.

@michael625; `What is this?????🤦🏾‍♂️Nkwasia s3m saa just give her the money and stop fooling around

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