Communication Skills You Must Learn If You Want To Have A Successful Relationship

You cannot have a successful relationship without effective communication. It’s that simple. This is because a relationship is made up of two individual people with their own perspectives, ideas, and beliefs trying to function as one. Because you cannot read each other’s minds, you cannot be each other or relive one another’s past, communication is the only bridge that can unite you.

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Sadly, many potentially great relationships are being ruined because the two people involved don’t have the right communication skills to navigate things. They hold on to so much or feel like they are not being heard or understood that they either self-sabotage or simply give up.

Have you learned how to express yourself in a relationship? Here are some communication skills that can come in handy.

communication skills
The ability to listen

Yes, you have so many things to say but if you don’t pause and actually listen to your partner, you aren’t communicating. As you express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas, he should also be given the chance to do the same.

Choose your battles, but smartly

Not every issue under the sun needs to be discussed to death. However, it’s up to you to determine which ones are worth talking about and which aren’t. Don’t let the big things go just because you feel other women, friends, or society wouldn’t be bothered about them. If something bothers you, speak up. It’s not their relationship on the line. It’s yours.

Prepare for the serious convoy

There will be times you and your man need to have serious talks about certain issues. Try not to spring the major stuff on each other at random moments or in the heat of anger. Have a plan on how to approach the conversation. For instance, you can organize a dinner date, just the two of you. Let your man know you need to talk about a few things so he comes prepared as well.

communication skills
Are you being heard?

So you express your needs to your partner and he nods along. Then nothing changes. What do you do? Ignore it because you don’t feel like bringing it up again? When you talk, you should make sure you’re being heard. So if your partner agrees to give you what you need only to later pretend that a conversation never took place, then something is wrong with how you both communicate. Don’t sweep it under the rug. Bring up the issue again and clearly state what you need. Then give your partner a chance to express any reservations he may or may not have about your requests. Make sure your discussions have a purpose. Otherwise, there’s really no point talking. And you may want to rethink the whole relationship.

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